Narrated `Uthman رضي الله عنه : The Prophet ﷺ said,

"The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it."

[Sahih al-Bukhari 5027]

The Open School for Arabic and Islamic Studies [OSAIS] was established in 1414 H (1994) under the guidance of Professor Sheikh Awadalla Youssef. The School wishes to see the students adopt the noble Sunnat of Rasool Allaah (S), and take from the methodology of the Companions (Tarteeb Al-Sahabat) and the first three, and best, generations (Sabeel Khayr Al-Quroon).

On fulfilling course requirements, students are encouraged to not only convey what they had been taught from classical texts, but also safeguard and adopt the same manner of teaching. Hence, students initially ‘learn to teach’ and then ‘teach to learn’.

‘Ilm Al-Tajweed is the first course that students are encouraged to enrol onto, and is the precondition for access to other subjects.  Students registered with a Student Teacher [ST] in the Foundation Tajweed Level, will be able to further study of Islamic subjects including Tajweed, Aqeedat, Fiqh (Hanafi and Shafiy), Seerat, Hadeeth and Tafseer Al-Qur’aan.

The School is open to all adult seekers of knowledge, regardless of gender; indeed half its student intake is female and full rules of Hijaab are observed.

 About its Rector

Sheikh Awadalla Youssef

Professor Sheikh Awadalla Youssef, who was born in Egypt, and studied most of his life there, upon receiving Ijaazat has been teaching Tilaawat al-Qur’aan since the age of sixteen years. He later obtained a licence from al-Qira’at Institute, al-Azhar. Sheikh has also studied under many illustrious scholars around the world and received Ijaazat in various Islamic sciences. Although taking the understanding of the Shafiy Mathab, Sheikh also teaches Fiqh of other Mathahib. He has taught in a number of capacities in Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and most recently the UK.

As well as a PhD in Islamic Studies, Sheikh has also completed an MA in Management in Education and an MA in Religious Education. Sheikh is involved in presenting the Khutbah for Salat al-Jumu’ah in universities, in ongoing consultation with UK based scholars, MP’s, Local Councillor’s and as well as being active in Multi-Faith dialogues.

In the early 1990’s, the fruits of a meeting of scholars heralded the Open School for Arabic and Islamic studies (OSAIS). It recognised that a new generation of Muslims had particular educational and spiritual needs, while all the more being active in UK life, including pursuing Higher Education. The concern amongst prominent UK based scholars was how to best disseminate Islamic knowledge to this generation, for many whom English was a second language.

In keeping with the methods of our virtuous predecessors, the School adopts an analogous scheme in both its teaching material and ethos, whilst utilising the current burgeoning telecommunications, and recognising the time challenges faced by many wishing to seek knowledge.


Learn how to recite the quran with tajweed as taught by our beloved Prophet (saw).  The School starts from the very basics, so all students are welcome.


Learn about islamic jurisprudence and gain a solid understanding of the various fiqh and daily fiqh related issues.


Learn all about the life of our beloved Prophet (saw) and how he was sent as the perfect example and guidance to mankind.


Learn arabic from foundation level in order to truly appreciate this beautiful language in which the Quran was revealed.