Day Studies

The School offers short, intensive, tutor-led courses on specific topics that are available for its students and the general public. These are held in different locations across the U.K.

Past courses have included:

  • Family Life in Islaam
  • Me and My Community
  • Day and Night of a Believer
  • Medical Ethics
  • Siyaam - Fasting in Ramadaan
  • Hajj - The Pilgrimage
  • Yawm Al Qiyaamat - The Day of Reckoning
  • Ghusl and Kafn
  • Arbitration in Islaam
  • Principles of Shoora

Upcoming Day Study events and dates
will be uploaded here soon In Sha Allah.

You may wish to contact us in the meantime for further information.

3 thoughts on “Day Studies”

  1. Asalaamualaikum, my name is sayed and I want to learn and understand more about about Islam and Deen. I want to work my way up and understand in more detail and also the stories in Islam.

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