Students learn about Islamic jurisprudence and gain a solid understanding of the different branches of Fiqh and daily Fiqh related issues. This course is taught in six module stages/levels, with Fiqh Al ‘Ibaadat being covered first as it is Fard Al ‘Ayn (a compulsory individual obligation).

The ‘Ilm Al Fiqh course includes:

  • Fiqh Al ‘Ibaadat - to include Tahaarat, Salaat, Zakaat, Siyaam and Hajj
    (Hanafi and Shaaf'i Mathhab)
  • Fiqh Al Mu'aasharaat
  • Fiqh Al Mu'aamalaat
  • Usool Al Fiqh
  • Principles of Research in Islaam

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