Attendance and Taught Lessons

  • What are the attendance requirements?

You are expected to attend all the lessons led by both your tutor and where applicable the Student Teacher. However, in the unforeseen event of being absent, you must inform your Class Coordinator (contact details will be made available at the beginning of the course). More than one absence per term will cause concern for your academic progress and eligibility to take the exam.

  • What are “taught lessons”?

Taught lessons are those which are led by Sheikh or a Tutor. They are different to ST sessions, which will be led by an Student Teacher appointed by the School. Further information on ST sessions can be found at questions 33-35 below.

  • Is it okay to arrive to the lesson late, due to inadequate arrangement or traffic problems?

We trust every student takes this Divine ‘Ilm with the utmost regard and respect, and that you will strive to arrive 10 minutes before the lesson.

  • How many lessons am I expected to attend?

You are expected to attend all the lessons.

  • What is meant by ‘expected to attend all lessons’?

We at the Open School, Tutors, Student Teacher’s, et al are really concerned for our students’ welfare. That includes helping them to gain full Ajr, by attending such noble taught subjects of Divine ‘Ilm. We are also concerned to help our students move away from taking the sacred ‘Ilm lightly. Our students are to be made aware that the lessons are not another ‘relaxed open circle’. Lessons at different levels are intentionally designed to prepare students to fulfil The School’s mission of ‘learn to teach’ and then reach the next step, ‘teach to learn’. Taught lessons are meant to encourage and guide students to take the responsibility to ‘teach to learn’.

  • I am studying the same subject somewhere else; will I find it difficult to cope with The School’s homework?

This is one of the reasons why we encourage students to continue studying there and advise newcomers not to apply to our courses before finishing any other on-going courses.

  • If I have trouble making arrangements with work, is it still okay to arrive late to the lesson?

It is better to arrive late than to miss the lesson. However, we trust that since you have been made aware of the lesson timing/day, you should be able to make adequate advanced arrangements. In the event that you are running late, please inform your Class Co-ordinator in advance of the lesson.

  • Who is the Class Co-ordinator and what is his/her role in the functioning of the course?

The Class Co-ordinator (CLC) will be responsible for the communication between the students, on a particular course, and The School administration team. They will also be responsible for the record keeping of students’ attendance, homework and any outstanding fees.

  • How many lessons can be waived (authorised absence) to fulfil the exam requirements?

Only one lesson without explanation.

  • Is it okay to be absent, if I assure The School that I will be able to catch up all that’s been studied?

No; unless it is due to unavoidable causes.

  • What are these unavoidable causes?

The causes that may be considered are those acceptable in any other serious job, e.g. being too ill to attend, sudden death in the family, etc.

  • What should I do if I am absent for the second time?

You must honestly fill in the Statement of Trust. This can be downloaded from the website/blog.

  • Who should I send my Statement of Trust form to once I have completed it?

Please email your completed Statement of Trust forms to the Senior Coordinator, and copy in the respective CLC for the relevant course.

  • What if I didn’t fill in a Statement of Trust form?

Failing to submit this form will result in your ineligibility for the exam.

  • I have a college/university exam the next day; can I miss the lesson to revise for the exam?

No, students should be aware of their exam dates well in advance, and we trust that you will be well prepared for the exam, so there should be no need to miss the lesson.

  • If I wasn’t prepared enough and I needed to miss the lesson to revise, would this be considered as a genuine excuse?

Students have to understand that this is a serious, structured, continuous, life long commitment, with the Tawfeeq of Allah. Divine ‘Ilm should be taken seriously and treated as the ‘main’. Consider it as another important subject; alongside your A Levels/Degree.

  • What will The School consider as a genuine excuse?

You need to convince yourself and Allah, before you try to convince The School. You have to understand that The School is only concerned for your welfare (as mentioned above).

  • What if I am absent for a third lesson?

You need to fill in a new Statement of Trust for every absence. It will not be sufficient to tell The School it was the same reason as the previous one. Every absence is dealt with as a separate case.

  • Will this affect my registration in the course?

Yes, if your absence is three or more, it should prove to you, and obviously to us, that you are unable to continue with this course. Extreme circumstances however, will be taken into consideration.

  • In this case, what is The School’s action?

The School will consider your case, by reviewing the submitted Statement of Trust, and make a decision on your continuation of the course. If the School does not find your reason to be valid then, regretfully, it could mean you will be removed from the current level of the course.

  • Can I rejoin the same level again?

Yes, once the same level is available as long as it is within a period of less than six months.

  • I am going away for some time. Is it okay if I make up the homework?

It is true that missing the lesson does not waive the requirement to make up the homework. But if you are away for two taught lessons (4 weeks or more) you cannot stay registered in the level.

  • Is there any other way of making the lesson if I am away from home?

Yes, you may qualify to use telecommunications (e.g., on-line, teleconferencing etc) as a Distance Learning Student. Please seek approval from The School for further details.

  • What if I do not have access to the Internet and I cannot join a group?

We trust that you will be able to make arrangements for attending the lesson over the phone, In sha Allah. If a student wants to make it, with the Tawfeeq of Allah, s/he will make it.