• Are there any exams for the courses?

All of The School's regular courses have exams. If a course does not have an exam this will be specified on the About Your Course document.

  • What is the advantage of taking an exam?

By way of preparing and revising, the exams will help influence deep understanding of the course material. In addition, the exam will earn you eligibility for the next level of the subject.

  • When and where is the exam?

This is indicated clearly on the 'About Your Course' information, sent as an attachment and/or link to blog before start of the course.

  • When does The school make students aware of the date of exam?

At the beginning of each term, about 16 weeks in advance. This should allow sufficient time for you to plan.

  • Is every student expected to take the exam?

Yes, every student who satisfies the exam requirements should sit the scheduled exam.

  • Can I use my notes and/or Learners Guide in the exam?

No, exams are all ‘closed book’ exams.

  • For ‘Ilm al-Tajweed exams, am I allowed to refer to the holy Qur’aan?

Students will be allowed to refer to the Qur’aan for foundation level, level 1 and level 2 for written exams. From level 3 and beyond, students will not be allowed to refer to the Qur’aan in ‘Ilm al-Tajweed exams as they are 'closed book' exams.

  • Will I be told what questions will be asked in the written and oral exams, and how they will be asked?

Your Tutors give hints during the lessons of the important points that will be focused on in the exams; as well as how to answer them. In addition, they will give some guidance concerning common mistakes and the best method to answer a question.

  • What support is available to prepare for the exam?

Continuous support is always available via the Student Teacher Scheme and student study Sessions.

  • When preparing for the exam, if needed can I contact the School to clarify any points from the Learners Guide?

Yes. Your Class Co-ordinator will collect your questions / points and email them to Tutor and send a copy to the School.

  • I’m not quite sure what parts/paragraphs of the Learners Guide will be included in the exam or not?

Your Tutor assures students of what is to be expected in the exam during the penultimate lesson. Please contact your Class Co-ordinator for confirmation.

  • What are the exam requirements?

Attendance and Homework: a minimum attendance/homework level of 80%; being absent more than once requires a Statement of Trust form. Fees also need to be settled. Failure to fulfil these conditions could result in the Exam Board not issuing an Exam Seat Number.

  • I am ready to take the exam. Can I sit the exam without seat number?

No, students cannot sit exams without an Exam Seat Number.

  • How will I know that I am registered to sit the exam?

By or before the last lesson you will receive your Exam Seat Number via your Class Coordinator. This can also be accessed on the blog.

  • What do I do if I don't receive an exam seat number?

Please contact your Class Co-ordinator to ensure you have met all the exam requirements.

  • What about if I fulfil the requirements after the exam?

Upon written request you can be scheduled to sit the re-sit exam.

  • Can I take the exam at a later date?

No, all students must take the exam on the scheduled day. This will allow the student a chance to re-sit if he/she fails the exam.

  • I want to improve my exam grade by studying more. Can I waive the exam and just take the re-sit exam?

No. All students must sit the exam on time to be eligible for re-sits.

  • What if I am not really ready to take the exam, due to being busy with my work?

In this case you should still take the exam anyway; you may do better than expected. If you fail the exam, you will be eligible to take the re-sit.

  • What if I have to travel or be away due to a commitment on the day of the exam?

We trust that you take study with The School seriously. We understand you will be made aware of the exam date many weeks in advance. However, if you really cannot attend, you will need to inform the Class Co-ordinator/Student Teacher as soon as possible and s/he will refer the matter to the Exam Board.

  • What are the valid reasons to miss sitting the exam on the scheduled day?

If you are ill on the day of the exam, and your illness prevents you to be fair to yourself.

If one of your close family members is in a severe condition, i.e. illness that needs your direct attendance during the week of the exam that dramatically affected your preparation for the exam. If you have any other reason you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to contact the Exam Team.

  • Can I get feedback on my exam paper?

Tutors will give general feedback on the exams by the second or third lesson of the new level.

  • If I fail an exam, what do I do?

Firstly, it is important to not assume exclusion from the course.  The Exam Team will contact you. If you need to contact the Exam Team the details are (brothers - examteambrothers@gmail.com or sisters examteamsisters@gmail.com). *Please only use these email addresses if you are a student on a current course.

  • When is the re-sit exam?

It is usually 3-6 weeks after the exam. Please refer to the OSAIS Blog for date and time.

  • What should I do if I failed the second sitting, can I re-sit again?

No. There are only 2 exam sittings a term. If you miss the first and fail the second, you need to re-take the level.

  • What is the difference between re-sit and second sitting?

The re-sit is for those who fail the first exam, the second sitting is for those whom the Exam Board authorised their absence for the first sitting.

  • I missed the whole level – can I sit for its exam and join the next higher level?

No, unless you satisfy The School of your ability to meet the standards of the taught module of the level you missed.

  • What are the fees for the first and re-sit of the exam?

The course fee covers the first exam. The re-sit exam fee is £10 for oral and £10 for written.

  • When should I pay the re-sit exam fee?

When you confirm your attendance to your Class Co-ordinator, one week prior to the exam.

  • Can a student pay the re-sit exam fee on the day of the exam?

Yes, if a confirmation of attendance is received by the Exam Team.

  • If I  have been away from  studying for some time and I completed some levels, can I rejoin?

If you have been away for 6 months or less, you can attend the next level provided you had passed the previous levels exam. If you have been away for more than 6 months email the school on theopenschool121@gmail.com for more guidance on how to rejoin.

  • Can I take exams of two levels together?

No, you have to pass the previous level exam in order to be eligible to sit the current level Exam.

  • I am a sister; can I sit the exam somewhere else, not the exam centre specified by The School?

All students are required to attend the designated exam centre in Manchester. If this proves difficult then the student must contact The School.

  • Can I sit in my own residence?

No, the School will assign a designated exam centre that all students, including those who qualify for Distance Learning, must attend.

  • In case of the monthly excuse for sisters, how can one do the oral exam if it includes reciting Surats?

Sisters will have 10 days to submit the oral exams i.e. enough time; they should not let this reason stop them or delay their exam. However, if the excuse continues all of these days, they will be allowed up to 5 days extra i.e. total of 15 days from the date of exam.

  • What if, due to an irregular menstrual cycle, a sister cannot do the oral exam within 15 days of the exam?

In such cases, the student will be  eligible to complete the re-sit exam and it will be considered as the first sitting due to her circumstances.

  • If, due to circumstances beyond my control I cannot leave the house to attend the exam, e.g. family member needs 24 hour care etc., how can I take the exam?

In certain cases, upon prior (preferably 3 weeks) written / email request to The School, student may be granted exception to sit the exam at home. You need to fill a Statement of Trust form and post / email it preferably 3 weeks before the exam date. Please refer to the OSAIS Blog to download the form.

  • What is the  Contract of Trust form about?

It is a statement of trust; that you have not been made aware by any means and will not accept any attempt to make you aware of something related to the exam contents. Two Muslims adult witnesses have to sign this form, as it is a Sharee’at agreement, i.e. a contract. 

Please note incomplete forms will not be considered. This will be included with the DEC (Distance Exam Centre) pack and will be sent to you.