• How much are the fees for the courses?

Fees may vary from one course to another and from one level to another. Students will be notified accordingly and they maybe requested to check the information in the 'About This Course' attachment or link to the Blog. We are very minimalistic Alhamdulillah.

  • What do the fees cover?

Course administration, tuition, and course material.

  • How do I pay my fees?

Payment may be made by cash, cheque, standing order or instalment. Please make all cheques payable to OSAIS. You will bring cash with you to the class  On cheques, please state clearly (on the back) student name, OSAIS Student Identification (SID) number (if applicable), along with the course code being paid for (the course code can be found on the advertising poster or 'About Your Course' sheet).

  • Can I pay fees online?

Yes you may pay online using the following bank details:


Account number: 91869124

Sort code: 40-35-26

The reference for all payments must be the SID only: E.g. MI2215

For further details please see https://osaisstudents.wordpress.com/finance/course-fees/

  • Do I have to pay the fees before starting the course?

For all courses (i.e. regardless of whether they are new or continuing/ongoing courses) 50% needs to be paid before the course starts (although there is the option to pay 100% before the course starts if the student so wishes). The remaining 50% should be given in a sealed envelope to the class co-ordinator by the 2nd lesson; inside the envelope the student’s name, SID number and course name/code should be included. If the student has prior agreement with the School's Financial Department to have an alternative payment plan, then the envelope should also include a note to that effect. The student may receive verbal or written reminders if the fees are not settled accordingly.

  • What if I have financial difficulty?

Please contact The School (for attention of the Financial Department) in writing or by email. It will in no way hinder your studies. Each request will be individually considered in confidence and will be communicated in writing. When handing in the fees envelope to the Class Coordinator by the second lesson, it should include a note stating briefly the alternative agreement with the financial department.

  • What if I am unable to pay the fees and have not contacted the Financial Department, what should I do?

The student must still hand over a sealed envelope to the Class Co-ordinator, enclosing a small note explaining the circumstances.

  • Can I pay the course fee on the first lesson, rather than before?

Yes, as long as the total amount is paid by the second lesson.

  • What if I am a distance learning student and cannot pay in person?

Distance students should send their fees by cheque or online (i.e. either the School’s Financial department, or the Class Co-ordinator postal address) by the appropriate deadlines. Distance students should obtain proof of postage when sending their fees.

  • Can I pay more and request the extra amount be regarded as sadaqah?

Students should pay the exact amount for each course, i.e. if the course fee is £48, students should pay that amount only, and not, for example, £50 with the instructions that the excess £2 should be given as sadaqah.

  • Are discounts are available for students?

Yes, one of the following two schemes may be applied:

Household Members

- 15% for the second member,

- 25% for remaining household

Multiple Courses

- 15% for the second course,

- 25% for remaining courses

  • Can students pay in a group?

Yes, this is fine. Please contact your Student Teacher or Class Co-ordinator, who may collect fees and pay as a group. Please include names, SID and course code with the payment to be posted to The School, or handed in to your Class Co-ordinator after the lesson.

  • Can I post my payment to The School?

Yes, with the exception of cash payments. Please post your cheques to The School address along with the full details (see Q3) including names, SID and course code; allowing at least 3 working days for a reply and receipt.

  • How much refund can I ask for, in case I have some difficulty and have to withdrawfrom the course?

Refunds will be allowed upon receiving a written request, as follows:

4 weeks before the course starts; 100% refund

2 weeks before the course starts; 75% refund

by or before Lesson 1; 50% refund

by or before Lesson 2; 25% refund

by or before Lesson 3; no refund

  • I did attend 2 or 3 lessons without paying the fees, how much do I owe The School?

Fees owed may be worked out as follows:

by or before Lesson 1 ; 50% payment due

by or before Lesson 2; 75% payment due

by or before Lesson 3; 100% payment due

  • When would I need to pay the re-sit exam fee?

When you confirm your attendance to your Class Co-ordinator, one week prior to the re-sit exams.

  • Can a student pay the re-sit exam fee on the day of the exam?

Yes, if a confirmation of attendance is received by the Exam Team.

  • What are the fees for the exam and the re-sit exam?

The course fees covers the first exam fee only. Anyone who takes the re-sit exams will be charged a seperate re-sit fee of £10 for each oral and each written exam taken.