New Students

  • Is there any prerequisite to enrol onto a new course?

The School requests all new students to commence with the Holy Qur'aan, in particular with 'Ilm Al-Tajweed due to its paramount importance for Salaat and Islamic 'Ilm. However for open courses this requirement is not necessary.

  • I am studying a subject elsewhere and will continue to study / attend there; should I apply for the same with your School?

No, please continue your studies there.

  • Can I fill my application online?

Yes, please find the link to the application form.

  • How do I contact the School with any queries I have?

Please email Please also see the following link on the website:

  • Should I send a registration fee with my application?

The registration fee may be sent along with the application form to 532 Stretford Road, Old Trafford, M16 9AF. Only payments by cheque should be sent via post. Please do not send / post any course fees until we have a place for you in one of our ST led Tajweed classes. Please refer to the question below for further details on registering with The School.

  • How many lessons can I attend before I have to fill my application?

You may attend up to three lessons before deciding to be a registered student.

  • How many courses can a student apply for?

Up to 3 courses / subjects per term; any more needs approval from the Academic Services who will consider the student's circumstances and ability to be a committed student able to take on the load of such a long structured study.

  • How many terms are in a year?

There are two terms.

  • How many levels are there for each course?

Levels may range from one to six, depending on the subject. Some courses have a foundation Level.

  • What is expected from students who learn with the School?

Students – may Allaah bless them – are expected to apply what they learn in their day to day lives. In other words, to bring Tarteeb of the Sahabat [the conduct of the companions (R)], into their lives, through their concern and mercy for all the creation of Allaah (T).

  • Will the students be allowed to teach what they learn?

The students are always made aware from the first lesson that they ‘learn-to-teach’. However, they receive the required training and are under the professor’s guidance to be able to fulfil the other side of The School's mission that is ‘teach-to-learn’.

  • Is there any light study for those who cannot commit themselves to successive levels of a subject?

Yes, quite a few, in different topics and subjects. More details can be found on the request from The School.

  • How do I enroll with The School?

Please fill in an application here.

  • I haven’t heard yet from The School?

Our sincerest apologies, perhaps the email did not reach us. We will endeavor to answer your query as soon as possible.

  • Are there car parking facilities?

Yes, but only limited. Please contact your ST/Class Coordinator for car parking arrangements and instructions. To assist in minimising the burden on the already limited car parking spaces, please consider car sharing. Please note students park their cars at their own risk, as The School cannot take any responsibility or accept liability for the safety of students' vehicles.