Registered Students

  • I am already a registered student with The School, currently on a course; do I still have to complete an application form to enrol for a new course / subject?

No, unless you need to update your personal details and/or address. However, in order to ensure your place is booked, you are asked to notify the School as soon as possible, prior to the course starting. This can be done by contacting the School on

  • Do I need to study any reading material before the course?

It is recommended to read about the course subject from your own sources and references, and prepare any questions. It will make the study more beneficial and productive.

  • If I have previous studies in the subject, can I join the current class despite missing previous levels?

In such cases the students may join after completing a pre-admission exam. Please contact the School via for further information.

  • Can I record the lessons?

Yes it is recommended that two students in the class record the lesson and share it with the class.

  • Can I take notes of the lessons?

Yes… please! This will provide important assistance for you and your course-mates particularly at times of revision.

  • Will I obtain an electronic copy of the study material prior to the course?

Yes, if applicable, you will be emailed the lessons (Learners' Guide) upon being registered onto the course. Alternative references maybe also given.

  • Do you recommend any other books for my further study of the subjects?

Your Tutor will advise you accordingly.

  • Can I pass on the study material to my friends or family?

The study materials are for personal use only. However, your immediate family may take benefit from them. Beyond that, please ask permission from your School.